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When the insurance companies are reluctant to give you your due, I can help.  I limit my practice to business, homeowner and liability problems. My task is to get the maximum benefits for you from your insurance carrier.


Business, Homeowner and Life Insurance Policy Holders problems, pick your representative with care.

Every now and then people have trouble with insurance companies. If they are denying your claim and you feel cheated or abused, you do have a right to find a legal solution.

I would encourage every potential Client to seek out and confer with as many other attorneys as may make the individual comfortable. In doing so, I would ask three questions.

  1. Has anyone in the firm handled or addressed any matter as other than on behalf of a policy holder versus an insurance carrier in the past five years? The caller will often be informed that the firm handles hundreds of bodily injury matters, all of which involve insurance carriers.  This is not the same person as you are looking for.
  2. Has anyone in the firm handled or addressed any matter as an attorney exclusively representing an insurance carrier in the past five years? insurance carriers can be a major source of long-term ongoing relationships, which give rise to the possibility of conflict of interest.
  3. Are “Bad Faith” cases presently a major source of income for the firm? Bad faith firms want insurance carriers to violate their duties to the policyholders. This produces bad-faith litigation, with the potential for very significant attorney fees. A bad-faith attorney can be less effective in representing the policyholder for resolution of the matter. Still further knowledge of insurance company duties, and the violation, are only part of the methodology in resolving claims without the necessity for litigation.

The Practice of law in any field is neither exclusively an art nor a science. I have the experience in handling them with success.



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