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Insurance Problems

Tens of Millions of dollars in benefits obtained for clients over 35 + years

Insurance companies employ innumerable workers to discourage you or prevent you from obtaining the benefits under your Commercial General Liability, General Liability, Homeowners or Life Insurance Policy.

Timothy Dodge McCollum Contract and Insurance Law Attorney

I have been practicing Contract and Insurance Law for 35 plus years. Insurance companies will use every possible inference or subtlety in wording of the policy to try to deny your claims.

The practice of law in any field is neither exclusively an art nor a science. While the California statutes governing insurance companies’ activities are fairly clear, there are numerous sometime inconsistent court interpretations, often imposed by two very different court systems, the California courts and federal courts.

There can be very significant differences with very real outcome impacts depending upon which body of law or which court system is utilized. Insurance carriers routinely seek to have policy holder disputes litigated in federal courts. One reason for that is the six person jury, of which all six must decide, i.e. unanimity.

In contrast  with the Californial court system which requires only a majority out of 12 jurors. 

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Why I Can Help?

I have over 35 years of legal experience. I have represented clients from individuals to large organizations. To mention only a few suggestions of competence, I am Martindale Hubbell AV rated. As a rare honor I was asked by the California State Bar to speak at an annual convention. Out of 1200 employees, at a place of prior employment, I was named “Man of the Year.” A very prestigious group of San Francisco and Los Angeles attorneys voted me “WMD of Environmental Defense.” I was lead counsel in the case that forever changed the face of arbitration. In my most recent education efforts at a division of the University of Oregon I obtained my second bachelor’s degree, graduated summa cum laude, and was elevated to the Phi Beta Kappa of nontraditional students named the Pinnacle Society. From there I obtained a Master’s degree at Arizona State University, and was asked to teach graduate classes.

More specifically in relation to insurance, my very first task as a lawyer was to obtain full payment under a blanket bond when the company I was employed by discovered an almost $800,000 theft. Since that time I have negotiated and drafted what are called “manuscript policies.” For a time I was the exclusive counsel for a very large insurance company engaging in subrogation claims against foreign manufacturers of defective products. I have addressed hundreds of matters involving, for better or worse, liability or life insurance companies.

I am one of the relatively few attorneys licensed to practice before the United States Supreme Court. Additionally I am licensed by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and each of the four Federal District courts in California. I have appeared Pro hac vice in federal courts from Texas and Georgia to Minnesota, as well as from Pennsylvania to Nevada. While I no longer engage in  bad faith litigation I’m familiar with lawyers in almost every city in California that specialize in such actions. I can state to you that if I am unable to obtain a resolution of your matter that is satisfactory to you, your file will be in an appropriate condition for presentation to bad-faith attorneys seeking their representation.

I will candidly tell you what I see as the prospects for your matter. If we form an attorney-client relationship I charge very modest flat fees for certain activities and reasonable fees otherwise. I am very hard worker and will diligently, intelligently, and hopefully appropriately, seek to obtain the benefits of the insurance policy that you paid for.



About Timothy Dodge McCollum

You may not know me but insurance companies know and respect me.

In my 35 plus years of legal practice I have obtained 10s of millions of dollars in benefits for policy holders from insurance companies. Quite often those person have been told by their carrier or their own attorney, “It unlikely that the carrier will…” or, “This carrier will not… under this policy.”

I limit my practice to exclusively addressing actual or anticipated difficulties or problems with insurance carriers. I further limit my practice to matters arising in California and to exclude health or group insurance. In short, I focus on business, farm, ranch, auto and professionals along with homeowners and liability insurance situations.




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